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Unconventional by name, unconventional by nature. We have built our reputation over the last 10 years delivering outstanding results for the fashion industries most progressive, high-end brands.
We pride ourselves in being at the cutting edge of diverse content production across digital e-commerce photography and videography.
Attention-to-detail is at the heart of everything we do.

About LRP

LRP believes in being at the cutting edge of digital content creation. Attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do.
To us - it's an art form.

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e-Commerce Production Services

ecommerce model photography
sportswear model posing with blue running jacket and shorts
two desk lamps by Anglepoise
Group of models posing with colourful jump suits by pangaia
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ecommerce model photography

E-Commerce Photography

We are experts in fashion e-commerce photography with a proven track record and years of experience working with leading fashion, beauty and marketing brands.

We specialise in all disciplines of still life and apparel formats including on-model, invisible mannequin, flat-styled and creative photography.

sportswear model posing with blue running jacket and shorts

e-Commerce Videography

We produce and generate video content to the same high standard we treat our photography. Every detail is considered in full correlation to our client’s requirements.

Our expertise is guided by best practice. Developing a compelling story, lighting, directing and shooting through to editing, colour grading and special effects; all is taken care of by our experienced video teams.

black and white building photograph in east london


Over years of industry experience, we have developed and honed our own comprehensive production process, alongside building a strong collaborative relationship with London’s best model agencies, casting directors, HMU & styling artists to ensure we align with our client's goals.

LRP will work with you to find or adapt to the most effective and seamless workflow process to produce evocative imagery and video that is impactful and drive results.

two desk lamps by Anglepoise

Post Production

We use the latest technology to enhance content narratives and highlight the quality of design features.

Our in-house post-production team are specialists in e-Commerce content, visualisation and special-effects across photography and moving image. All our clients can expect retouching, editing, colour-correction, grading and motion-graphics techniques applied to the highest standards across all LRP content creation.

Client Partners

LRP is a multi-channel photography/video studio working across the full spectrum of digital e-commerce production. We create consistent, high-end content across all digital platforms ensuring your brand is uniformly represented.

Building long-term client relationships is our goal and we have heavily invested to ensure all production happens under-one-roof. Our clients can be assured that the entire process from concept to delivery is handled by the same team in the same studio resulting in consistent communication throughout all our client partner’s e-commerce channels.

Group of models posing with colourful jump suits by pangaia

client Partners

Partnering with a diverse range of iconic, high-end fashion and forward-thinking brands LRP delivers multi-channel e-Commerce content that is always ahead of the curve.

Our Clients

We have the pleasure to work with some of the most iconic, high-end and forward-thinking brands:

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