Our Story


Vision and Goals

The concept of LRP was created by two photographers from polar ends of the photographic landscape. One being a highly seasoned e-Commerce photographer with years of commercial and editorial experience. The other having spent years working in advertising and advertorial photography and videography. They recognised the sea change in photography and the clear need to offer of a vast improvement within the e-commerce and PR imagery industry. The advent of social media platforms has made the importance of high quality imagery more imperative than ever and LRP has moved with the times to provide the freshest content.

Our team has grown over the years and we now have over 2000 square foot of beautiful studio space in the heart of Hackney, London. 

We are here to inspire confidence in the e-commerce market that is is possible to have superb quality at a price that suits the budget of any client who comes to us.

Support and Ethics

We believe in the great people who work for us and with us. We understand the cost of living and the pressures of working in London and strive to make sure anyone who works at LRP has a fair and rewarding wage for the work they do. We work hard to give our staff a clear career path, provide goals to work towards and happily comply with all UK employment law.

Any third partner who support our business must also follow our company code of ethics and show us certification that they also support their own workers and protect their rights.